Families run and scream as firework shot into crowd during pub display

This is the horrifying moment families were seen running from a firework after it was shot into a crowd during a pub display.

Families were screaming and kids were reduced to tears as a firework travelled towards a crowd at Poacher’s Pocket in Gateshead.

The video starts with crowds watching fireworks as kids are on parents’ shoulders looking up at the sparkling lights.

A moment later, a firework goes in the wrong direction and screams can be heard as the camera faces down and people start to run away.

The pub has since said they have closed until further notice as a full investigation is now underway with the event organiser.

Ruth Chandra North filmed the terrifying scenes the moment the firework shot into the crowd close to where she was standing.

She said: “It has shaken everybody there up but the fear we all felt when the fireworks came towards us was horrific.

“Everybody was running and screaming. Kids were crying.

“I was never a fan of fireworks and always being told my fear was irrational but tonight has made me more aware of how dangerous and scary these things can be. I am still shaken up – and even more terrified of fireworks now.”

A number of people who were there also took to Facebook to share their experiences during the display.

One person commented: “Poacher’s Pocket fireworks… never been so scared in my life one just missed us. Hope the poor people that got injured aren’t seriously hurt.”

Another said: “This is why I don’t like going to displays and hate Bonfire Night.”

In a statement on Facebook, Poacher’s Pocket said: “We would like to give a huge apology for the events that happened last night at the fireworks display.

“This matter is now under full investigation with the actual event organiser.”

They later added: “We have taken the decision to close the pub until further notice.

“We are both extremely sorry for what has happened and send our best wishes to the entire community.”

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