Temp Release - 1/31/17

Tomorrow evening at the regularly scheduled school board meeting trustees will be asked by district central office staff to approve the release of all temporary faculty members. The board will also act upon two agenda items asking them to approve criteria for layoff of probationary and permanent faculty members. Impacted faculty members should not hesitate to contact their site rep or union president Kirschen for support. Every year our district joins most others in California in releasing all temps. The district then rehires those it wishes to - usually a bit before or after spring break. Temporary faculty who receive release notices may want to explore possibilitiess at other districts - especially if they are offered probationary status. All released temps who are not rehired and have health benefits through SCCS can count upon those benefits continuing through to the end of August. The union will represent all faculty subjected to Layoff who wish to be represented. Additionally, those subjected to release or layoff are eligible to receive unemployment benefits. For more information on collecting unimployment insurance converage please follow the link pasetd below:

Contract Agreement Approved - 12/18/16

School board members unanimously approved the Certificated Contract Agreement this evening at their regular meeting. Faculty will see the 3% salaray increse retroactive to July 1, 2016 in their February 28 paychecks.

Contract Ratification - 12/14/16

Faculty approved the 2016-17 Tentative Agreement in voting on Monday and Tuesday. The agreement was approved overwhelmingly with 99% of voting faculty checking "YES - I approve the 12/8/16 Tentative Agreement." Next steps are board approval on January 18. There is a very good chance that the retroactive salary increase will be reflected in the january 31 paycheck. With the .5% that was placed on the salary schedule and the 3% in the tentative agreement, faculty will enjoy a 3.5% overall increase for 2016-17.

VOTE in November 8 Election - 10/24/16

Click on the below links for your Greater Santa Cruz Federatipn of Teachers - Santa Cruz Council of Classified Employees - Monterey Bay Central Labor Council - California Federation of Teachers - California Labor Federation combined voting recommendation sheet or the nifty personalized (with a street address) custom voting recommendations from CFT. Vote!

GSCFT, CFT, California Labor Fed and MBCLC Voting Recommendations

CFT's Your Voter Guide

.5% Added to Salary Schedule - 9/15/16

Since the Union's Benefit Maintenance Stipend fund is already funded adequately for a second year of Benefit Maintenance Stipends, the .5% of last year's salary increase that was used to create the stipend fund is beingput onto the salary schedule. This comes a year early and is retroactively effeective July 1. The October paychecks will reflect the .5% increase. The GSCFT Bargaining team will be will be starting 2016-17 contract negotiations on September 27 and hopes to negotiate a 2016-17 salary increase as well. For those needing help with benefit costs in 2016-17, the same qualifying criteria will be used and those who qualify should be notified in November.

October Payroll Grievance Settlement - 6/28/16

A second session facilitated by a state mediator yielded a settlement for GSCFT's October 31, 2015 Payroll Grievance this morning. Instead of providing increased pay for the first 8.5 days of the October paycheck, the settlement will provide faculty with the return of excess medical benefit contributions that they made during that same interval. The timing of reimbursement checks to faculty is yet to be determined. Details of the settlement are contained in the document referenced below.

June 28, 2016 Mediated Settlement

Faculty with questions should contact President Kirschen.

Grievance Mediation - 5/31/16

The mediation session scheduled to discuss the October Salary Grievance did not result in a settlementt. We have a follow-up session scheduled with the state mediator on June 28.

Applying for Unemployment Insurance - 5/28/16

Faculty who were subjected to layoff, non-reelection, or who resigned to avoid a non-reelection can apply for unemployment insurance coverage as early as June 13th with an online application that is available here:

Faculty who are denied coverage should contact President Kirschen to discuss next steps.

October 31 Payroll Grievance goes to Mediation - 4/19/16

The GSCFT has requested a PERB Mediator from the State Mediation and Conciliation Service at Level # of the contractual grievance process. We now have a date - May 31, 2016 for mediation after a meeting yesterday with the parties financial experts failed to yield a settlement. If the mediation is unsuccessful, we will be requesting Binding Arbitration, after which, a settlement will be imminent.

Sick Leave Grievance Settled - 3/30/16

Faculty received an email communication from Superintendent Munro today outlining the high points of the agreement. Faculty who think they may have been charged too many hours for absences over the past three school years can request an audit of their record. Specifically, faculty should have been recording the number of hours absent for partial days - not half or full days. Additionally, part time faculty on A/B schedules with unequal daily schedules may have been charged more than their contractual percentage of 7.5 hours for a daily absence. Faculty absent on PD days who were charged more than a full day (7.5 hours) should ask for an audit as well. Questions should be directed to Preident Kirschen and requests for audits go to the SCCS Business Office.

CFT Convention Report - 3/15/16

Click here for a report on the annual CFT Convention please click below:

Union Representation for Layoffs - 3/14/16

HR hand delivered preliminary lay-off notices for of .33FTE in Fine Art and 1.67FTE in Spanish. The GSCFT will be representing the three impacted faculty members during the lay off process in an effort to secure a rescission of the layoffs. In the mean-time, released temporary faculty members and those suffering a lay off should plan on applying for unemployment insurance on June 13 if they have not yet been rehired or secured employment elsewhere. The online application unemployment insurance is here:

CFT SCholarships Awarded - 3/11/16

Congradulations to SCCS students Kim Adam (daughter of Monika Adam), Charlotte Lenz (daughter of Kristen Lenz) and Summer Solstice Thomas (daughter of Mark Thomas who are all recipients of this year's $3,000 CFT Rauol Tillhet Scholarship for graduating seniors. The scholarship is availble for the children of union members. There is a July 1 deadline for the children of our members who are continuing college students. More info is available through the link displayed below:

Grievances at Level II - 3/7/16

The GSCFT brought the October Payroll Surprise Grievance to Level II (Superintendent) today on behalf of all faculty. The grievance demands that the district define "October 1st" as "October 1st" not only for benefit savings, but for the corresponding salary increase. We also began a new grievance at Level II today on behalf part time employees who are being charged more than a day of sick leave for a one day absence. It is our hope that the district will settle these grievances at level II and that it won't be necessary to continue to Level III - Mediation or to Level IV - Binding Arbitration.

Layoff and Non-Reelections - 2/16/16

The school board will be acting upon Layoffs and Non-reelections at upcoming school board meetings culminating with employees being noticed before the district's March 15th deadline. Probationary employees who are told that they are subject to non-reelection should check with Union President Barry Kirschen to explore options before the school board takes action. If there are layoffs, the GSCFT will represent all impacted members who wish to request a hearing.

GSCFT Officers Re-elected - 2/13/16

The current slate of GSCFT Officers ran unopposed for reelection and are now re-elected by acclaimation. They will serve another two year term beginning on July 1, 2016.

Adult Ed Tentative Agreement - 11/20/15

A tentative agreement was forged this morning that will provide Adult Educators who were on the June 2015 payroll with a 2.5% one time payment and an ongoing salary schedule increase of 3% effective July 1, 2015. Faculty should see these amounts including retroactive pay in their January 31 paycheck.

Measure O&P Both Pass - 11/18/15

Santa Cruz voters approved Measures O and P in an all-mail election that ended at 8pm yesterday evening. Semi-Official election night results show Measure O, the high school district parcel tax, passing with more than 71% approval. Measure P, the Elementary District Parcel Tax passed with more than 76% approval. Both measures needed approval of at least 66.7% of voters in order to pass.

The campaign was a team effort - a big thank you goes to all faculty, staff, administration and community members who helped at phone banks and precinct walking over the past few months. We'd also like to recognize faculty who contribute to the GSCFT COPE Fund on a monthly basis. With those dollars, and a matching contribution from CFT (our state affiliate) the GSCFT was able to be a major contributor to a campaign resulting in over $32 Million flowing to SCCS over the next 8 years supporting the following initiatives:

Measure O

Preserve Career Technical Education (ROP) programs 
Support science, technology, and engineering educational initiatives 
Continue visual and performing arts enrichment 
Support athletic programs that keep kids safe, healthy and engaged in school 

Measure P

Protect small class sizes 
Attract and retain high-quality teachers 
Preserve arts and music instruction 
Maintain elementary science programs 
Keep school libraries open with certificated teacher librarians

Board Approves Contract Agreement - 6/25/15

Trustees unanimously approved the contract agreeement yesterday evening. Details include a 2.5% one-time payment based upon 2014-15 salary plus an additional .5% one-time payment for those who attend a professional development day on August 21st. Faculty will also see a 3% ongoing increase to the September paycheck and an additional 16.5% ongoing increase to the October paycheck. The new health benefit cost sharing plan will be implemented in October.

Sentinel Coverage

Over 96% say "yes" to Tentative Agreement - 6/12/15

In voting on Wednesday and Thursday, the Tentative Agreement was solidly approved by faculty with 261 voting "for" and 10 voting "against." There is currently 1 abstention. It looks like the school board will be considering approval on June 24.

Tentative Agreement - 6/8/15

A Tentative Agreement was signed today between the GSCFT and district negotiating teams. The agreement represents a major change for bargaining unit members and demonstrates management willingness to provide faculty with compensation increases when dollars are available and sensitivity to the importance of being able to attract and retain great employees. The agreement provides a 3% increase to the salary schedule from new ongoing state dollars and a 3% payment from one-time state dollars. Another 17% is being moved from district contributions for employee medical benefits to the salary schedule. Faculty will choose from new medical plans with lower premiums at open enrollment in August. Next steps include faculty ratifying the agreement this week and the school board considering approval of the agreement on Wednesday June 17th or 24th.

Recisions/Final Layoff Notices Issued - 5/7/15

At last night's school board meeting trustees resolved to issue final layoff notices to faculty members for whom the GSCFT was unable to secure recisions for through negotiation. The 2015 Layoff Side Letter of Agreement linked below reflects the outcome of that negotiation. The agreement includes layoff recisions, summer benefits for those receiving final notices and summer benefits for released temps.

2015 Layoff Side Letter of Agreement

Applying for Unimpolyment Coverage - 5/7/15

If you receive a Release, Non-Reelect or Final Notice of Layoff you may file a claim for unemployment insurance coverage on the day after your last day of employment. For more info go to:

COPE Endorsement Procedure - 5/5/15

A new GSCFT COPE Endorsement Procedure was approved by the GSCFT Council of Site Representatives yesterday evening. A copy can be viewed by following the belew link:

GSCFT COPE Endorsement Procedure

Side Letter Agreements Inked - 5/5/15

Side Letters agreeing to Faculty Collaboration bell schedules and a new Speech and Laguage Pathologist Salary Schedule were forged this spring. Please follow the links pasted below to view these agreements.

HHS Collaboration Schedule 2015-16

SHS Collaboration Schedule 2015-16

SLP Salary Schedule

GSCFT Co-sponsers May Day Film Fest - 4/15/15

Admission by Voluntary Donation

schedule of events:

Calendar Agreements - 2/25/15

Agreements on Calendars have been reached for 2015-16 and 2016-17. Upon Board approval, these calendars will be linked to the GSCFT main page under the "School Calendars" section.

Calendar Survey - 1/14/15

A GSCFT Calendar Survey link was sent to certificated employees via district email today. It is important to our negotiating team to receive imput from membership before negotiating the 2015=16 and 2016-17 school calendars. Please follow the link that we sent you and respond before the end of the day on Monday January 19th. We're back at the negotiating table on Tuesday January 20th and would like to honor your preferences!

Election Results Final! 12/02/14

The candidates endorsed by faculty and staff have been elected. Jeremy Shonick and Alisun Thompson will be sworn in and will take their new seats at the next regular school board meeting to be held at the COE Boardroom on December 10th at 6:30pm along with Deedee Perez-Granados who ran unopposed. In addition to the three new board members, incumbent Deb Tracy-Proulx was re-elected and will serve another 4 year term.

Jeremy and Alisun campaigned hard and with SCCS faculty and staff support, were able to unseat two well established incumbents. Their platform called for change at SCCS and it seems that the public concurred. Each of you who displayed a lawn sign, walked a precinct, joined the union phone bank, contributed directly or through COPE contributions or helped distribute doorhangers can give yourselves a big pat on the back – without you, the results would not have been the same.

Attend Board Study Session - 12/01/14

Please attend the Board Budget Study session Wednesday December 3rd. We'll be asking why there has been no hard look taken at programmatic expenditures and no long range strategic budget planning to establish a reserve for employee compensation increases. The district budget has been balanced on our backs since the start of the 2007-08 great recession. It's time for the district to plan ahead for employee costs - not more paycuts and benefit take-aways!

Faculty and Staff to Meet Candidates - 9/2/14

Join your colleagues at Motiv in downtown Santa Cruz on September 5 from 4:30 to 6:00pm at a Meet and Greet event designed to give you an opportunity to get to know them better. Enjoy a bite to eat and no-host bar. Grab a lawn sign and some campaign literature!

Trujillo Drops Out - 8/8/14

Due to the need for around the clock care for his partner, Steve Trujillo chose to withdraw his candidacy in his bid for reelection to the SCCS Board seat he has held for nearly 4 years. GSCFT endorsed candidates Jeremy Shonick and Alisun Thompson continue their campaigns.

Thompson Campaign Kick-off Event - 8/4/14

It was standing room only at Alisun Thompson's campaign kick-off event at India Joze restaurant this evening. Alisun made a convincing argument for why a change was needed on the Santa Cruz School Board and described what her goals will be once elected to the board. For more info check out Alisun's webpage and facebook presence.


Shonick Campaign Event - 8/1/14

At the first of a series of 1st Friday events upstairs at Motiv in downtown Santa Cruz, school board candidate Jeremy Shonick met with community members to answer questions, familiarize them with his campaign and talk about educational issues. Please consider attending one of these events and spread the word about Jeremy's accessibility. For more info please check out Jeremy's webpage and Facebook.

GSCFT Endorsed Candidates File - 7/14/14

Endorsed candidates Shonick, Thompson and Trujillo filed for board seats today at the election department. Brian Schwarzmann decided not to file due to personal reasons.

GSCFT Early Endorsements - 6/10/14

At an endorsement forum held today with site representatives and GSCFT COPE Committee representatives present, the GSCFT made early endorsements of Jeremy Shonick, Alisun Thompson, Steve Trujillo and Brian Schwarzmann for SCCS School Board seats in the November Election. The filing period for those seats begins on July 14th.

Scholarship Recipients - 5/22/-14

GSCFT Member Gail Alaimo’s daughter Noelle (SHS) received a CFT Raoul Teihet Scholarship along with GSCFT Member Cathy McDougal’s daughter Madalyn (SCHS). Both were for $3,000

Applying for the Raoul Teihet scholarship is a union membership benefit and all GSCFT members can apply for the Raoul Teihet Scholarship for their graduating high school senior or their continuing undergraduate college student children each year.

A $1,000 GSCFT Al Wright Scholarship was awarded to Xavier Hilton (SHS). The GSCFT Al Wright Scholarship is awarded to by the GSCFT each year to graduating SCCS senior students wanting to persue a career in education.

June 3 Election Endorsements - 5/14/14

The GSCFT endorses the voting recommendations of the California Labor Federation, The California Federation of Teachers and the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council.

Adult School Layoffs Rescinded - 4/15/14

In a brief negotiation this morning, Adult School faculty subjected to layoff were reinstated today with the layoffs being rescinded. Due to the rescissions, the GSCFT agreed to cancel the Layoff Hearing that was scheduled for April 30th. This is great news for Adult School faculty members and for the students that they serve.

State Convention - 3/24/14

GSCFT President Kirschen, Elementary V.P. Ballaban, Secretary Landry and Political Coordinator Carlson attended the CFT State Convention in Manhattan Beach last weekend. The three day event drew delegates from CFT Locals from all over California. Speakers, panel discussions, workshops and floor debate over resolutions that will guide CFT policy and actions over the coming year were the business items at hand. Click here convention coverage for more on the activities.

Survey Results - 3/14/14

Faculty completed a calendar/bargaining survey last week. Over 300 faculty responded to the online survey!

For the 2014-15 school year, faculty strongly favored a normal start, having Wednesday off before Thanksgiving, taking the Friday off before winter break, continuing to observe spring break during the first week of April, and having consecutive Mondays off for the presidents' holidays.

For the 2015-16 school year, faculty were divided on the question concerning an early start to the school year with 176 favoring a normal start and 126 choosing an early start option.

60 faculty were happy with the district spending $600,000 from the general fund for reopening the Natural Bridges site while 236 expressed "concern" or were "appalled" with the impact that the expenditure would have on the district's ability to fund compensation increases.

The survey results will guide your negotiating team in upcoming bargaining sessions.

Adult Ed layoffs - 3/12/14

35 hours of Adult Education program were cut Wednesday evening by the school board. Due to the cuts, permanent Adult School facutly will be receiving preliminary layoff notices.

Layoff Season - 2/4/14

Temporary Releases were approved at last Wednesday night's board meeting and Probationary Layoffs will be considered by the board on March 12th. The actual temp release notices will be distributed this week and any probationary layoff notices will likely be mailed to home addresses toward the end of next week. Anyone receiving a release, non-reelect or layoff notice should contact Union President Barry Kirschen. Barry will be attending as many of the district temp release meetings at school sites as possible and will have a chance to connect with some at that time. The union expects to negotiate first consideration for rehiring of released first year temps and will birddog preferential placement into vacancies for those temps who have served for two consecutive years. The union will also be requesting a hearing for any probationary or permanent employees subjected to layoff who wish to receive that support. In addition to requesting hearings, the union will negotiate the impact of preliminary layoffs for all temporary and probationary employees who are noticed. Please watch this space for additional information.

Calendar Survey Launched - 2/4/14

As we move toward calendar negotiation season, the federation needs your input. An online school calendar survey for the 2014-15 and the 2015-16 school years will be launched later today. Please watch your school email for a link to the survey.

Westlake Grievance settled - 2/4/14

The Westlake Morning Duty Grievance was settled today with the help of a state mediator at Level III of our contractual grievance procedure. We're happy with the settlement but regret that we were not able to settle this disagreement sooner and at a much lower level. It is our hope that the district will be more willing to explore solutions collaboratively and informally in the future.

Contract Agreements Ratified - 11/15/13

The school board ratified the October 30, 2013 K-12, Adult School and Guest Teacher salary increase agreement at last night's board meeting. Faculty votes were roughly 90% in favor of the agreement with the remaining 10% rejecting it. Comments on the dissenting ballots indicate that many faculty feel that we had to fight way too hard and way too long for such a small increase. Those who are dissatisfied might want to consider making your feelings known to members of the school board. They can be reached easily by email:

Bullying Report Release - 11/13/13

The GSCFT final report on Workplace Bullying at SCCS will be released this evening during public comment at our school board meeting. We hope that release of the report will encourage school board members to initiate effective measures that will result in improvements to our working conditions. We also hope that the board will want to develop and adopt policies that discourage the bad behavior that we have experienced and witnessed over the last 4 years. Once again, the GSCFT will offer to partner with the district in regard to these initiatives.

The report is based upon a faculty survey conducted by the union in June of 2013. We plan on conducting a follow-up survey in June of 2014. Hopefully it will show some improvement to working conditions.

Many thanks go to all who completed the survey last June. Without your help, it would have been impossible to document the extent to which SCCS faculty face a hostile working environment on a daily basis.

Negotiations Update - 10/30/13

The GSCFT negotiating team was able to wrap-up negotiations on the 2012-13 fair share compensation increase this afternoon. After many hours at the table the issue was resolved with a tentative agreement (attached) calling for an ongoing (on the salary schedule) 2% salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2012. The district has pledged to try to get retroactive checks out before the winter holidays. Considering the cost to the district for its share of 2012-13 health and benefit premium increases and the district’s cost for 2012-13 step and column salary schedule movement, the 2% increase reflects our bargaining unit’s fair share of unanticipated 2012-13 funds. Site reps will be provided with ballets Monday for voting at your sites next week. Your negotiating team recommends approval of the agreement. We expect the school board to ratify the agreement when they meet at the next board meeting on November 13th.

Special thanks go to Helayne Ballaban, Beth Landry, Emiliano Aragon, and Mark McConnell for their service on the bargaining team, to site reps for keeping faculty in the loop and to Casey Carlson for her huge involvement in the contract campaign in her role as your political coordinator. Extra special thanks go to each of you - to every faculty member at all of our school sites for the resolve shown throughout the negotiation process. Without faculty participation when calls to action were issued, we would not be where we are today.

Contract negotiations for 2013-14 will follow.

Sentinel Coverage

Negotiations Update - 10/22/13

Although there was no actual movement at the table today, there was meaningful discussion in regard to how much the district needed to provide in the form of a retroactive salary increase in order to satisfy their March 2012 contractual agreement. The school board will have an opportunity to provide direction to district negotiators in closed session on Wednesday and we have another negotiating session scheduled for October 30th. In the mean-time, faculty at sites who are planning leafleting events should move forward. All indications are that the job actions are effective and that our resolve for a fair settlement will produce results.

Negotiations Update - 10/18/13

There was a bit of movement at the table today on the district’s part. They offered a 2% (non-retroactive) increase on the salary schedule effective July 1st 2013. Although the offer represents a bit more cost to the district than the previous offers, it still falls short of what was promised in the March 2012 contract agreement – a pay raise for 2012-13. We offered contingent language to go along with our last proposal of 3.25% retroactive to July 1st 2012 which would protect the district from budget problems in 2015-16. Our offer was rejected by the district. I’ll be meeting with the Robert Shemwell, the new district CBO on Monday to further discuss the district’s multi-year projection. We have another negotiation session scheduled for Tuesday October 22nd.

Negotiations Update - 10/2/13

Once again, negotiations ended without an agreement today. We will continue on October 17th. Although faculty are accustomed to performing a multitude of additional and voluntary duties, your negotiating team asks that you continue to refrain from the urge to work beyond contractual obligation until a settlement is reached. The 2012-13 salary issue should have been settled months ago and no-one should be surprised that faculty are disappointed with how they have been treated by Santa Cruz City Schools. The GSCFT has requested financial data from the district and is currently working with CFT's research office in analyzing the district's budget.

Negotiations Update - 9/27/13

Contract negotiations today did not culminate with an agreement and will continue on Wednesday next week. We must stay the course in regard to working to contract - at least until next Wednesday at which point we will reevaluate and will be prepared to escalate if negotiations over the promised 2012-13 salary increase are not completed.

Students Walk Out - Supporting Teachers - 9/26/13

Over 200 Students at Santa Cruz High walked out this morning and marched to the Town Clock chanting, "pay our teachers." At the clock, students chanted, horns honked, students cheered and onlookers stood in awe. Student orgainzers used facebook for communication and word of the walkout spread like butter on toast. Any students who were still in the dark last night were tipped off by robocalls threatening "consequences" to any students cutting class from the district. Special thanks go to classified Campus Supervisor Richard Harris who walked with students back and forth through downtown making sure all were safe. Check out the Sentinel Story.

Bloom Strikes Out With Baseball Parents - 9/25/13

Baseball parents attened their third school board meeting in a row this evening and heard trustees set a special meeting for Thursday next week to hire an outside expert to investigate charges in a complaint filed against the Superintendent for lack of process and alleged cronyism in the firing of Baseball Coach George Arnott in August. Read the Patch coverage from August and Sentinel coverage from today.

Is the District Reneging again? 9/11/13

Chief Negotiator Mark McConnell explains the contract dispute in an August 26th Letter to Membership following the August 23rd negotiation session (reminiscent of past times when the district held a group of retirees hostage for furlough days) where the district offered a measly 1% salary increase after receiving a $2,000,000 windfall and clarifies further in a September 11 communication.

GSCFT Launches Workplace Bullying Survey - 6/3/13

Faculty were sent a link today so that they can complete a GSCFT Workplace Bullying Survey. The survey window will be close a week from today. After receiving many reports over the last few years from faculty who have been bullied at work, the GSCFT has launched the survey which will help to quantify the extent to which faculty are being subjected to bullying in the workplace. Although Workplace Bullying is a worldwide problem, the GSCFT believes that there should be a zero tolerance for this type of abusive behavior toward employees and that district administration has an obligation to protect employees from this type of abuse whether the perpetrator is an administrator, co-worker or community member. The survey is modeled after a similar survey conducted at the University of Mass. - Amherst campus. Individual faculty survey responses are confidential and survey results will be provided to school board members. Once the data has been analyzed, the union will provide a report summarizing the findings.

Negotiations Update - 5/21/13

Last spring, the GSCFT agreed to a potential 5 day furlough for 2012-13 to be implemented if Prop. 30 failed. At the same time, the district agreed to negotiate a “fair share” salary increase for 2012-13 if Prop. 30 passed and the district received new, ongoing funds that could be used for compensation. Luckily, Prop. 30 passed and the district received roughly $2 million in new ongoing funds that could be used for compensation for the 2012-13 school year. On April 15, 2013 we notified the district that we wished for them to honor their promise to negotiate a fair share compensation increase for 2012-13. Our first negotiation session was on May 21st. At that session, the GSCFT proposed that the “fair share” salary formula which governed our compensation increases from 2004 to 2007 be used to calculate a 2012-13 retroactive compensation increase. We expect the district to respond to our proposal when we meet for our second negotiation session on June 7th. We will provide you with another update following that session.

GSCFT Reopens on 2012-13 Compensation - 4/15/13

The GSCFT has notified the district that it wishes to reopen negotiations in regard to compensation for the 2012-13 school year. Due to 2012-13 school year increases in district revenue, a clause in the spring 2012 contract agreement was triggered requiring the district to return to the table. Negotiations are scheduled to commence on May 21 to discuss 2012-13 compensation and 2013-14 reopeners.

Nurse, Speech Therapist, Special Educator Hiring Agreement - 3/29/13

Your union and the district entered into a negotiated agreement this afternoon making it easier to hire School Nurses, Speech Pathologists, and certain Special Educators. A copy of the agreement is linked below:

Salary Schedule Step 12 Agreement

Layoffs Resolved - 3/28/13

Your union and the district entered into negotiated agreements this afternoon resolving all contested issues in regard to K-12 and Adult Education Layoffs. Because of the successful negotiation, the need for a Layoff Hearing with the state Office of Administrative Hearings was averted. Besides assuring released temps consideration for re-employment before external applicants, the agreement assures released temps that their Health and Welfare Benefits will continue through the summer months and one of the two K-12 layoffs was rescinded. The Adult Education Layoff Agreement provides for rescission of the ESL layoff and provides for a K-12 assignment for one of the laid off Parent Educators. It is our hope that those remaining in layoff, partial layoff or release status will be rehired soon. Copies of the agreements are linked below:

2013 Adult School Layoff Agreement

2013 K-12 Layoff Agreement

This news item was revised with an updated K-12 Layoff Agreeemnt on 4-10-13

Calendars Approved - 3/27/13

Earlier this evening the school board approved calendars for the 2013-14 K-12 school year. The calendars have been posted to the School Calendars page of the website.

2013-14 School Calendars - 3/25/13

A tentative agreement on the 2013-14 Secondary and Elementary Calendars will be brought to the School Board for approval on Wednesday evening March 27, 2013. The calendars follow the pattern established over the past few years in regard to start and end of school year dates. The calendars honor the results of a faculty survey conducted in December 2012 and reflect work done at a series of meetings with the County Office and 10 county wide school districts in an attempt to coordinate school calendars to the extent possible.

Draft 2013-14 Elementary Calendar

Draft 2013-14 Secondary Calendar

Layoffs - 3/7/13

It is that time of year again. Temporary faculty are receiving Release Notices, and a small number of Permanent and Probationary faculty are receiving Layoff Notices. There may be a few Non-Reelect Notices issued as well. Faculty with questions or wishing to have union representation in these matters should contact GSCFT President Barry Kirschen as soon as they are noticed for help determining next steps. He can be reached at (831) 239-6850.

GSCFT Files Unfair - 11/30/12

The GSCFT filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the district with the Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) today due to its refusal to bargain over the impact to working conditions of a costly after-hours professional development that the district offered to 24 of our Special Educators. The district has refused to bargain in the recent past over other issues (the impact of new board policies on working conditions) that also fall within the scope of collective bargaining.

Scholarships - 9/18/12

CFT and Union-Sponsored Scholarships Have been announced for 2013. The CFT Raoul Teilhet Scholarships are awarded to students entering or attending four-year university, and to students entering or attending a two-year college. Children or dependents of CFT members are eligible to apply. High school seniors must apply by January 10, 2013 and continuing college students must apply by July 1, 2013. There are also AFT and AFL-CIO scholarships available. For applications and more info please click on the link below:

CFT and Union-Sponsored Scholarship Flyers

Superintendent Gets 5% Adjustment - 8/22/12

At the August 22nd School Board meeting, trustees voted to provide Superintendent Bloom with a 2012-13 school year 1% salary increase and reduced his calendar by 10 days, which is worth another 4%. All other employees agreed last spring to budget balancing measures for 2012-13 including a 5 day furlough calendar accompanied by a 2.5% pay cut if Proposition 30, the November Tax Initiative, fails!

Santa Cruz Sentinel

















































CFT Convention Concludes - 4/16/12

Follow the linked summary below for details from the 2012 CFT Convention which was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose this year. It was a valuable trip for GSCFT Delegates Casey Carlson, Beth Landry, Helayne Ballaban, Catherine Franke and Barry Kirschen.

Of particular interest and impact to GSCFT membership was the passage of a new Special Union Dues Assessment, effective September 1st, 2012 of $2.50 for the CFT COPE Fund. The proceeds of the special assessment will be used to help fund CFT's involvement witht he campaign to pass the November Tax Initiative, without which, we will suffer a 5 day furlough in the 2012-13 school year.

Convention Summary

2nd Union Seminar Scheduled - 10/13/11

The second in a series of union led seminars designed to provide information that you need, when you need it has been scheduled. The topic of this month’s seminar, Responding to Letters of Reprimand, is particularly timely considering recent cases of administration unfairly targeting employees with Letters of Reprimand that seem retaliatory in nature, reek of disparate treatment and/or contain outrageous allegations.

We’ll meet at the union office, upstairs in Suite 11 at 501 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 from around 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM on Friday October 21.

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